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All-natural, organic, and clean are just a few of the buzz words we hear quite a bit in the beauty and skin care industry, but what do they really mean, and how important is clean beauty? How do we know what ingredients to stay away from or what really qualifies as “natural” or “organic” with such a lack of regulation in the beauty industry knowing that bad skin care products can cause serious damage to your health over time.

Clean beauty?

Clean Beauty to me means making the choice to use safe, nourishing products to enrich my body, mind, and life so I can be the best version of myself: happy and healthy.

This means not compromising the health or well-being of myself or others in the process with the quality of ingredients I ingest or absorb through my skin, and how their source, manufacturing, and production impacts the environment and the general livelihood of the human race.

Toxic ingredients

The main difference between clean skin care products and conventional ones are the toxins they contain.

Conventional companies have no toxicity-load, no regulations or ethical standards saying they will produce products that are not harmful.

They stress one goal: to sell. And they will tell you anything you want to hear, while including whatever chemicals, and doing whatever harm to animals or the environment so they can it off the shelves and into your bathroom cabinet.

Are natural skin care products less effective than regular high-street brands?

Not at all. They are even more effective than regular brands because there is no separating, converting, or filtering the body has to do to break them down so-to-speak. It can be absorbed as biocompatible. There is true technology to skin care. And you can get the results you want even faster and without any side effects!

Organic, natural and clean beauty... are all of those interchangeable?

Definitely not. Unfortunately, there is no regulation on these terms. Companies are able to use them very loosely and that is a danger to us. If products contain even one organic ingredient so they can use the word “organic” on the bottle, it can still include all of the synthetic or harmful ingredients you are trying to avoid. The terms are meant to differentiate the standard of ingredients you are putting on your body, but knowing that consumers are looking for healthier alternatives for themselves and their loved ones, brands will say those words often just to gain your trust.

This is why you have to be an educated consumer. You vote every day for who and what you support with your wallet.

How do synthetic toxic ingredients affect your overall health

Contributing to immune malfunction, cancer, psychological and hormonal imbalance, and overall decline in quality of life and longevity. And the numbers continue to rise, starting with the problems being identified in children, ones even without a genetic predisposition to them. But with continued exposure to harmful toxins, we compromise the health of our minds and bodies and future generations as well.

Fragrance, parabens, sulfates, phthalates, formaldehyde, toluene/petroleum, propylene glycol, and sunscreen chemicals. These range from carcinogens (ingredients proven to cause cancer) to endocrine-disruptors (converting in your body as hormones), immune toxins to fetal-developmental toxins. We are sure that if you’re choosing, you would want products preferably produced without these silent killers!

Money matters

Natural and organic skin care products are sometimes more expensive than drugstore items but not more expensive than well-known skin care and makeup brands available from your local makeup store to department store.

Prices are truly based in these cases on cost of ingredients. It costs more to farm in more sustainable ways or without toxic pesticides. To certify ingredients as organic, to source them from other countries that have better quality ingredients, and so on. It’s worth the extra dollars if you can trust what you’re getting and it will nourish your body in the way you intend. Knowledge and transparency are keys to this kind of success.

What are the major benefits of non-toxic skin care

Less inflammation and functioning at your optimal level! A longer and healthier life! Your well-being overall! Meaning more energy, more thought clarity, stronger resistance to disease, better organ function, less toxicity, no skin irritations, lowering your risk of cancer, hormone imbalance, and immune compromise.

Some of my personal favourite brands are: Weleda, Tropic Skincare, Zoe Bee.

If you still aren’t sure which to choose fee free to contact us directly. We will be happy to answer any questions you have and recommend specific ingredients or products to try.

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