Prepping for date night doesn’t always have to be a big production. The pressure is on you already — whether it’s your first date, you’re celebrating a romantic holiday or you’re marking a major relationship milestone — so there’s no reason why your makeup routine needs to add additional jitters to your (probably really great) night ahead. Here, we’re redefining what “date night makeup” means to show that keeping your night out look simple can still be sexy. Scroll through for the definitive list of date night dos and don’ts before you head out on your next flirty adventure — some of these must-try tips may totally surprise you.

Don’t: Layer up your foundation

The idea, ladies, is to even out your skin tone, not to cover every sign of personality that is your face.

Less is more, which is why we’re using a tinted BB moisturiser instead of full coverage foundation that’s often times too easy to over apply.

I’m applying a light layer of Tropic's Beauty Boost Foundation all over my face, then spot treating any blemishes or trouble zones with a small amount of concealer. When in doubt: blend, blend, blend!

Don't: Contour

You should always use a very light, and apply feather-like touch with your bronzer brush.

Don't overdo the fake glow. Opt for a neutral bronzer

Make sure you apply a bronzer that is just a few shades deeper than your natural skin tone.

Don’t: Try for a red carpet smokey eye Do: Apply a subtle smokey eye

Apply to the crease of your eyelids, adding a heavier application of shadow on the outer corners of your lids for that gradual smoky effect. Finish by highlighting your brow bones and the inside corners of your eyes with a shimmering light shadow.

Don’t: Go glossy or apply a high-maintenance lip

Wearing lipstick for a date night versus a night out with your crew is a whole different beast. If you’re banking on a smooch session or two, gloss is obvs out of the question. We’d also recommend avoiding any high-maintenance applications, like (dun, dun, dun) your classic red lip. Instead, go for bold color without the smudge factor with this simple lipstick hack: line your lips AND fill them in with your favorite lip liner — I’m using Tropic's Line Up Pencil and then Kiss Me Quick in Guavaberry.

Then blot, blot, blot by kissing a piece of paper several times. YES this works! Tissue is too soft and can leave a cotton residue on your lips while paper will absorb the majority of the ‘smudge.’ What you are left with is a stained effect that isn’t going anywhere.

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