If you’ve never endured the painful horror of a rash, I envy you. I have suffered through many rashes, but I'm fortunate to live in a time and place where oils from around the world seem to be at my disposal. The benefits of tamanu oil have made this exotic oil one of my most trusted beauty products, especially when it comes to less-than-pleasant skin conditions.

Not only has tamanu oil been researched extensively for its potent healing properties from anything from eczema to leprosy, but it’s got some pretty unique properties that anyone can enjoy — even if you're rash-free.

Tamanu oil contains moisturizing omega fatty acids and it’swell known to promote new, healthy cell growth. Tamanu oil has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, which provide wound-healing benefits for the skin.

What is tamanu oil

Tamanu oil is extracted from seeds that grow on a tropical evergreen called a tamanu nut tree. Tamanu oil and other parts of the tamanu nut tree have been used medicinally for hundreds of years by certain Asian, African, and Pacific Island cultures. Tamanu oil has long been believed to have a number of health and beauty benefits, from wound healing to healthier hair. While not every single claim you come across has been scientifically researched, many have.

Who should use tamanu oil


...I guess I should be a bit more specific! As tamanu oil penetrates the skin, it also does an amazing job at healing incisions and clearing up the scars. I have used my own tamanu oil formulation in my fight with hormonal acne. I also used tamanu oil to help my body heal scars from two C-section surgeries.

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Treating blemishes, acne and acne scars

Tamanu oil has high antibacterial and wound-healing properties and is used to kill bacterial strains involved in acne, including Propionibacterium acnes (P. acnes) and Propionibacterium granulosum (P. granulosum). Together with its ability to kill P. acnes and P. granulosum, tamanu oil may also be helpful in treating inflamed acne. Researchers have also found that tamanu oil contains calophyllolide, a substance known to possess anti-inflammatory properties, and delta-tocotrienol (a form of vitamin E), as well as a number of antioxidants.

Before you indulge in the healing properties of tamanu oil, do a test patch and check your allergies because tamanu oil is considered a nut oil.

Tamanu oil benefits for wrinkles

Tamanu oil is an active ingredient used in many skin care products, including anti-aging creams. The oil is rich in fatty acids, which can help keep skin moisturised. It also contains antioxidants, which fight against damage from free radicals. The oil’s ability to promote collagen and GAG production also plays a role in anti-aging and skin regeneration. Furthemore, tamanu oil may help prevent wrinkles caused by sun damage.

Dry skin

To really nourish dry skin you want the moisturizing product to penetrate deeply through all layers of skin. Since Tamanu oil can penetrate the three layers of skin, you are receiving hydration on a much deeper level, rather than coating the outermost layer of skin. 

Tamanu cream for eczema

Tamanu oil has anti-inflammatory properties and can be used to heal eczema outbreaks.

Scars and wounds Several studies have found that tamanu oil has a number of properties that can help skin wounds heal faster, reduce inflammation, and promote collagen production. Tamanu oil improves healing and leads to significantly less scaring.

Tamanu oil for sunburns and other burns

Some people use tamanu oil to treat their sunburns and other burns.

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