A hot towel can work magic on your face. It is easy and economical but very effective. A hot towel not only works wonders for your face but it can be used to relieve tired eyes, tight shoulders and a headache. It is worth trying.

Hot towels are a classic treatment at spas and are a total must when it comes to luxurious facial care, but at home, we don't usually heat our towels before placing them onto our skin.

To help keep skin radiant and healthy, bring the spa home and indulge in a hot towel treatment. Now when we say hot towel, most people think of the prep men typically get at the local barbershop before they get a close, clean shave. And you're right, this is what we're referring to, but the treatment isn't just for guys.

A hot towel works wonders. The steam and warmth from the towel truly agree with skin, helping the facial pores to open up and take in not only the steamy hydration from the towel, but any one of the many essential oils or natural beauty ingredients you can pair with it.

Coconut oil, neem, peppermint oil, lavender oil, and rosemary are all great additions to apply to your towel to maximise results. Once pores are open, skin will better absorb the formula you apply to treat blemishes, fight aging, or to simply keep your face soft.

Acne acting up? Place a few small drops of coconut oil onto your towel before you heat it up to help combat breakouts.

Looking for a deep cleanse? Spritz some of your facial toner onto your towel to penetrate past the skin's surface. Remix your towel and skin care formula to your liking, but pick a scent you love so it'll make for added aromatherapy too.

Give your face a little extra TLC right at home

What else does an unassuming towel have in its power to boost your beauty? A hot towel treatment is a great headliner for a facial! Pores are already open, so keep the beauty time going and apply your favorite hydrating mask to nourish skin deeply.

Perfect combination: hot towel and aroma oil

For mental relaxation put aroma oil in water when you wet your hot towel. The smell of aroma oil and the heat from the hot towel make you so relaxed not only physically but also mentally. Use your favorite oil but choose organic as much as possible.


1. Fold a hand towel

2. Wet a towel with water. 3. Wring the wet towel out hard. 4. Place it in a microwave oven and heat it up

If you have a hot tap water, you can simply use that. Wet the towel with hot tap water and wring it out hard. If you prefer not to use a microwave or do not have one, boil the water and put the hot water in a bowl.

Before you put a towel on your face, check the temperature. The best place to check the temperature is your inner arm. Make sure the towel is not too hot when you put it on your inner arm. If you use the hot towel on another part of your body, it can be a little hotter.

Take the towel off of your face/body right before it cools down. If you use a microwave, make sure you wring the towel out hard so that it does not get too hot.

And remember to apply moisturiser as soon as you finish the hot towel treatment.

Hot Towel Treatment Method 1:

Basic Version

You need one hand towel.

1. Wash your face as usual

2. Place a hot towel on the face

3. Finish the treatment right before towel cools down

4. Gently dry the excess moisture with a dry towel and apply moisturizer right away while the skin is sill very warm.

Hot towel Treatment Method 2 :

Advanced version

You need two hand towels and a moisturiser cream.

1. Wash your face as usual

2. Put plenty of moisturiser, more than usual, on your face.

3. Place a hot towel on the face

4. Before the towel cools down, take it off and gently wipe the excess moisturizer with the second hot towel from your face

5. Apply moisturiser right away while skin is sill very warm.

Hot towel treatment method 3 :

Deluxe Version

You need two hand towels, moisturiser cream and some plastic wrap to cover the face.

1. Wash your face as usual

2. Put plenty of moisturizer, more than usual, on your face.

3. Place a hot towel on the face

4. Cover the towel on your face with plastic wrap making sure you can breathe.

5. Before the towel cools down, take off the towel and plastic wrap and gently wipe off the excess moisturizer with the hot towel

6. Apply moisturiser right away while skin is sill hot.

Start with the Basic version, and build up from there. It works like a magic. And it is almost as good as high end spa treatment. Guaranteed!

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