Despite being an optional makeup product, lip liner is still a huge hit in the beauty world. There are great reasons why the lip-liner hype is real. But... what does lip liner really do for your lip makeup? Is a lip pencil something that you need to have in your makeup kit?

You can still rock a glam lipstick without lining your lips. Despite being an optional makeup product, though, lip liner is still a huge hit in the beauty world. There are great reasons why the lip-liner hype is real.

So what does a lip liner do?

Lip liners define and shape your lips; giving you a perfect pout. The slim and pointed tip of a liner gives you control like a lip brush, but unlike using a lip brush, lip liners are always made with a formula designed to stay put.

  • Lip liners act as primers to boost the colour and longevity of your lipstick.

  • Lip liners are specifically formulated to be long-wearing, which explains why most lip pencils come in creamy mattes.

  • A lip liner's formula helps your lipstick adhere to your lips better without bleeding or feathering.

Another great use for lip liner is correcting thin or uneven lips. If your lips are too thin, lipstick alone may be a struggle to apply.

Lip liner can be an effective makeup product for over-lining your lips a bit to add more fullness to the real shape of your lips. The same goes for those who have uneven lips. If you pick the right lip liner for your gorgeous pout, drawing a new, balanced lip shape will be very easy. This works especially well if you blend your foundation just over the edges of your lips before lining.

Of course, you have the freedom to choose what particular lipstick shade should you use a lip liner with, but certain lip colours require the help of lip liners in order to really stand out and stay put.

I recommend definitely reaching for a lip liner when you're using these kinds of lip colours:

Other uses of lip liners

Lip liners are basically long-wearing lip colours, so they can also serve as lipsticks. Apply your lip pencil all over your lips for a long-lasting, matte stain. Leave as is or top with gloss.

Try a bold lip liner in a non-drying formula, such as Tropic's Line Up Lip Pencil. This product can work as both a lip liner and lipstick, making it a great time, money, and space saver.

Learn how to properly line your lips so you can decide if a lip pencil will enhance your overall makeup look. Although lip liners are optional, adding a few to your makeup stash can definitely be a game-changer for your usual makeup routine.

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