As much as the quality of #makeup products matters, the #brushes you use impact the overall result of your look as well. Although there are no rules in #makeup, certain #brushes work better for certain things, like how a big fluffy #brush is better for applying powder rather than blending in foundation.

Foundation brush

Typically, you would want a foundation brush that is dense so it doesn't soak up all the excess product. Good foundation brushes can be hard to come by because some can leave your makeup looking streaky. Majority of makeup lovers blend their foundation in with a makeup sponge, which works better than a brush. 


You can use the same brush that you did for your foundation, but instead of rubbing motions, use dabbing motions to get an even blend. Most artists prefer to utilize a sponge during this step as well, so I'm not going to link a product. 

Hot take:

You don’t actually need a thousand makeup brushes or makeup blending sponges. Seriously, some of the most best makeup artists just use the warmth of their clean hands and fingers to blend and melt makeup into the skin.

Powder/ Bronzer

Like I said in the intro, powder brushes are big fluffy brushes because if you use a dense brush, it is going to make you look all cakey and gross, which of course we don't want. I like to use my powder brush for my bronzer as well just to save myself the aggravation of having to wash more brushes. 


Contouring is one of the only steps of a full glam makeup that you want to be somewhat harsh. To achieve this look, using a flat, dense brush will really pack a punch with a good contour shade. Just remember to blend it out so it doesn't look like you have a big line on your face. 


The best blush brushes are smaller fluffy brushes that disperse the product without making it too harsh. Dense brushes are not ideal for blush because it would put way too much pigment on the cheeks. Angled contour brushes and mini fluffy brushes are the best for achieving a natural blushed cheek. 


Similar to blush brushes, highlighter brushes need to be small, but somewhat dense. Highlighter is in a more concentrated area than say blush or bronzer, and you don't want your highlighter getting on parts of your face that you already powdered down.


The only thing you would use an eyebrow brush for is pomade. My favorite eyebrow brush is so cheap that it seems impossible that it would be such good quality. Tropic's Eco Artist 3 in 1 Eye Brush has a perfectly angled tip with a spoolie on the other end, which saves you all money on buying an extra brush. 


One thing that everyone needs in their brush collection is a GOOD blending brush. Eyeshadow is an art of blending shadows together and without it, your look might end up looking muddled and messy. 

I hope these brush recommendations were helpful. A good makeup look does truly start with the tools that you use, so just remember to keep that in mind. There are good brushes out there that are off brand, and it's easy to find them.

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