First, we want to say…Congratulations! What a wonderful time in your life. And one of the most important times in your life personally. The next nine months or so are about you and that NEW BABY who is about to change your life in so many ways.

For many new moms-to-be, in addition to all the changes your body is experiencing on the inside, your skin may see some changes, too.

The changes in your skin are a visual daily reminder that you are becoming a new mom-to-be. Some women are prone to acne when others are simply seen as ‘glowing’ and still others might be feeling the itch from the sensation of a stretching tummy or to get through this while others may begin to see a mottled change in color in parts of their face, called melasma. But, don’t worry, we’re here for you and your skin now and anytime you need us during this next part of your very special journey. And we will be here after your pregnancy since your skin is with you lifelong. I'm going to share many tips and several product recommendations. Not every product works for every pregnancy, so pick and choose carefully for your needs.

Since it starts with the letter ‘A’ let’s address it first. Yup, Acne. It’s hormonal, it’s emotional, it’s acne. You might say, why me? Well, while everything else is changing and shifting in your body at this glorious time, your skin wants to be a part of it as well. Of course, acne is a condition that is predisposed for certain people. Are you thinking, lucky me? Well, it is another challenge but, with proper care, a clean skincare routine will be one more thing you can use to get ready for the little one. Because you are going to want to treat your skin like a baby’s, some of the tips I will share here will be great for baby care, too.  So, your skin is starting to tell you that your body is changing. You used to break-out a little but, now you are beginning to experience a new level and you don’t know what is safe to do.

The concern over your new one’s safety is not just your natural motherly instinct, it is real. Many of your doctors prescribed acne remedies will be off your list for the next 9 months and if you breast feed even longer. So, what’s a new mom to do?

Here is a "Tender Skincare To Do List" that will hopefully swaddle you in helpful information. Embrace the moment, it is yours. Soon enough you will be sharing most of your moments with a new little miracle. The effects of practices that make an overall difference will be reflected in your skin and how you feel overall.

Tender Skincare To Do List


The time our bodies heal. Of course 8 to 10 hours is recommended but, with body changes some women find this hard to do. So, take naps. Naps are being touted more every day for their impact on our overall health and well-being. One of the products that I find helps sleep is Tropic's So Sleepy Pillow Mist.


You may feel the need to use hotter water hoping that will rid your skin of all its problems. The best thing is moderate temperature water also called, tepid. This is a great baby bath temp as well. They say to test it with your elbow, but you probably already know that tip. Did you know that too much water can dry and dehydrate your skin? So don’t overdo exposure to water. This can irritate already sensitive acne prone skin. If your chest and back are flaring too then limit bath time to 10 minutes, if you can.

Use Super Greens Oil. It contain's tamanu oil which is an anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial and everyone that I have recommended it to can't stop telling me how much this product has helped them. It's great for Rosacea, too.


Of course, as a beauty therapist and knowing the impact our emotions have on our skin, I am all about emotional well-being. And exercise is certainly one of those things that ensures our emotional balance. It will also make you feel better about yourself because you were able to do more than you thought you could, or reinforces what you already know and keeps parts firm and you feel stronger.

You will love Tropic's Skin Shade Tinted Facial Sun Cream, if your acne is creating more redness than you want to see and you love exercising outside in the sun.

Stretch marks

Thanks to its high content in essential fatty acids and the ability to penetrate deep into the skin layers stimulating the creation of new tissue, Tamanu Oil is extremely effective in removing existing stretch marks, as well as preventing new ones from forming. Try Tamanu Healing Balm, this multipurpose, nourishing green balm is a bestselling skincare hero. Enhanced with antioxidant-rich ingredients, it helps to repair scarred and damaged skin, improve the appearance of stretch marks, and soothe dry skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

Professional facial

Both are highly recommended. Professional facials are incredibly helpful because of the level of care they can provide beyond what you can do yourself. Ask if the beauty therapist you are seeing is well-versed in working with the special needs of new moms. They must know what NOT to use on your skin and they should interview you thoroughly before performing any service.

DIY facial - healthy skincare practices you can do at home

1. Gentle cleansing and toning

Start with tepid water and Unscented Smoothing Cleanser. Wet your face. Apply product to your ‘clean’ hands and then gently massage (think of the delicate pressure you will use to stroke your baby’s face) in small circular movements for 30 seconds to a minute. When using a cleanser that has active, helpful ingredients, the time it is on the skin is really important, not the pressure you use. Pressure will add to inflammation and we want to help calm your skin. So, to get the most from your facial cleanser delicately apply it and let it do what it does. While you are doing this, use your meditation skills to see your skin, smooth, healthy and well. Finish off by lifting away unnecessary skin cells and soothing the skin with Vitamin Toner Pore Refining Mist.

2. Use plenty of antioxidants

Use products with plenty of antioxidants and a touch of bio (natural) retinol. Skin Feast will hydrate your skin. Skin Dream will nourish your skin overnight, and the Fruit Peel Serum will remove dead skin cells and keep your oil production under control while also encouraging healthy collagen development.

3. Apply masks

Calm down your skin with Clear Skin Blemish Prevention Mask. Naturally soothing ingredients including the green clay itself will calm your skin when you apply and leave it on as directed. Then take it off with medium temperature water and a face cloth. The face cloth acts as a gentle method of exfoliation. Use delicate pressure and do not overly agitate your skin.

4. Prevent and protect

Don’t forget to protect your delicate eye area with Eye Dream Age-defying Overnight Butterbalm. Even if you don’t need to repair anything yet, you want to protect this area and around your eyes from natural changes related to facial movement. Since you are going to be doing a LOT of smiling and cooing, and we are guessing you will be a little sleep deprived, be sure NOT to forget about this step.

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