Perfecting the art of makeup takes time. Getting creative with your every day makeup looks takes even more time.

It might be hard to get inspired with everything currently going on in the world but, even if you’re staying at home all day, taking an extra few minutes a day to do your makeup be a nice break from the news cycle. Doing your makeup is something that you can control. And it's a way to release your creative juices while pampering yourself.

Makeup truly has no limits. More and more people chose to challenge themselves creatively through cosmetics. Dig through your make up drawers and let yourself finally use that blue eyeliner, apply that lipstick that was at first too bold, and try that eyeshadow in your palette that you originally overlooked. Now is the time to get a little wild!

If you mess up, you can just start again!

Sure, you can Facetime your friends to get their opinions, but one of the pros of social distancing is that there's literally nobody to judge you. Who knows, after all of this is over you might just have a new hobby and, if not, the fun is at least guaranteed!

We're all creatures of habit, makeup routines included. But sometimes, wearing the same look over and over again can get tiring. It may be a new holographic shade that's out of this world or a new foundation application technique that you never thought you would ever do. This can open you up to a lot of new possibilities (i.e. makeup looks) in the beauty world.

Lipsticks are a great way to experiment with color.

They add a small pop to a natural look without committing to a full day's wear. If you need to change it, just blot it off.

Makeup is supposed to be fun! Think of it as an art class, but instead of painting on a blank board, you're doing it on your beautiful face. Why not try trends like neon eyeliner or kohl-rimmed eyes? You never know, you might like it more than your tried-and-tested look!

Try putting on a head-to-toe glamorous, fabulous outfit and not experimenting with even a tiny bit of makeup. It's a little hard, right?

You can look gorgeous with or without makeup, but often putting on a great eyeshadow or killer lip gloss can make an outfit. It's an instant set of accessories, and it can really complete a look.

Bright eyeliners are also a great pop. Super small and noncommittal. It won't overtake your entire look or make you look clownish.

Women naturally tend to have darker lips and skin around the eyes. So, our brains subconsciously note that as a sign of femininity.

If you're new to using color in your makeup, start with colors you already lean towards in your wardrobe. Jewel tones are also a great way to transition from neutrals adding a subtle, sexy and colorful edge to your makeup.

The more color contrast between a woman’s eyes and lips and her skin tone, the more feminine, and thus evolutionary attractive, she is seen. Lipstick and eye shadow are makeup staples because they enhance those features.

Sometimes, all it takes to feel like you are the best version of yourself is a little bit of change.

First and foremost it's makeup,if you don't like how it looks you can always take it off!

So don't be afraid to take your lipstick from nude to bright red, or your eyeliner from black to white - we all know how powerful makeup can be.

The thing about bright lipstick is that putting it on really doesn't change how your face looks. There's no concealing anything or altering the shape of your face. It's just a bright color that looks gorgeous.

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