With the planet seemingly working from home, you may be thinking that a lack of make-up and outdoors pollution might do your skin some good during these uncertain times. That said, spending a lot of time indoors can have a negative impact - but we’re here to help!

Here is an expert-backed guide on how to combat dry, cracked, difficult skin when stuck indoors.

Turn down the heating

It’s still chilly outside, but if the temptation is to crank up the central heating, consider the planet - and your skin.

The drier the air, the worse conditions are for dry skin types especially eczema and psoriasis.

If you want to ensure you’re toasty at home but keep your skin feeling supple, apply and reapply a light cream such as our Skin Feast Nourishing Cream Concentrate each time you make yourself a cup of tea.

Get some sun

Ensure you’re maintaining the government-mandated distances between people, but getting Vitamin D at this time is very important. By losing sun exposure, it can make your skin dull and sallow. It can also really affect your mood as Vitamin D also plays an important role in mood regulation, so ensure you’re getting some sunshine safely outdoors each day.

Stay hydrated

Without a sink or water cooler to congregate round, you might be lacking your usual hydration routine - but hydration is key to maintaining great skin, and more importantly, great overall health, which has never been more vital. One tip from the experts is to use a Pomodoro timer to keep you thinking about hydration. These timers can be found easily online, and buzz every 25 minutes. Each time it goes off, remember to drink some water. It’s that simple.

Take off the day

Without an office to come home from, many of us may think about skipping the cleanser stage. After all, if we’ve not moved from working at the dining table all day, what is there to clean? Well, a lot actually!

Ensure you maintain a cleansing routine, as it’s just as important to clear out daily sweat, dirt and grime as it is to remove make-up and pollution.

Smoothing Cleanser uses green tea extract, golden jojoba oil and eucalyptus oil to

to soothe and calm your skin. Try it for yourself!

Let your spots live

Squeezing spots is usually so tempting because we’re heading outside and perhaps don’t want other people to see them - well, that’s no longer a problem! So, use this time to allow your spots to run their full cycle and avoid scarring or damaging your skin.

Lay off the scents

Scented candles are a vital part of many of our #selfcare routines, especially during anxious times. But they can contribute to drying out the air and adding chemicals into your environment. Ordinarily this wouldn’t make much of a difference, but when stuck indoors all day, make sure any candles you’re burning are made of natural substances, and keep them near to windows. If you have one, ensure you’re using a humidifier too.

Wash your hands

Regular hand-washing and sanitising is vital, but can exacerbate skin conditions such as eczema. Be sure to use a thick moisturiser such as our Signature Hand Lotion after each time washing your hands.

Dry your hands

The repeated use of soaps and disinfectants can create ‘irritant contact eczema’, which is an eczema caused by chemicals. This shows up as dry, cracked and/or itchy skin on knuckles and in between fingers. You can minimise this by ensuring you dry your hands thoroughly after washing them. Water can dry the skin by stripping natural oils when it evaporates. This is especially common among children, so make sure they dry hands and then cover them with moisturiser.

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